Adverse Event Reports: Privacy Notice for Youth Under 16 Years of Age


We are AstraZeneca UK Ltd, whose registered office is 1 Francis Crick Avenue, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge, CB2 0AA. (We are called "AstraZeneca", "We", "We", "Our") and we are the recipient of any information you may send us by filling in our website form and submitting your report.

We may change this Privacy Notice from time to time. Therefore, we ask that you review this Privacy Notice from time to time to ensure that you are aware of the most recent version that will apply to your personal data. Of course, we will notify you of any changes where we are required to do so.

Despite the possibility of submitting an adverse event report on your own, if you are a youth under the age of 16, we strongly recommend that, if possible, you comment on your symptoms and any side effects of our medications that you have experienced or suspected. with your parent / legal guardian or your doctor. who can file a report on your behalf. We ask that you do so because sometimes the information that an adult (especially a doctor) might provide may contain useful conclusions and arguments that you as a young person may not correctly understand or may misinterpret. Also, submitting a report on your own would mean that it will reveal information about you (personal data) and some of this information may be very special or sensitive, because it is about your health. We appreciate the ability to obtain first-hand information from Our young patients, but we are very concerned about your personal data and want you to keep it safe. With this Privacy Notice we want to explain to you what personal data we can collect about you and what we can do with it, if you decide to submit a report on your own.


As part of completing our online report form, we may collect the following personal data about you:

  • Your name
  • Your address, phone number, email address
  • Your birthday
  • Whether you are a boy or a girl
  • Your description of how Our medicine you were taking made you feel, we called them the side effects you experienced
  • Your description of the AstraZeneca medicine (its name, color, shape, other details) you were taking, why you were taking it, how much medicine and how often you were taking it
  • When it started, and for how long you took the medicine
    Any other information you decide to share with us

Therefore, some of the descriptions that you will provide in connection with your report may contain information about your health and this information is called special or sensitive personal data about you.


We need the information you provide us because we must follow a special law. This law is in effect to make sure Our medicines are of good quality and are safe for people to use. As part of this law, We are required to report any side effects that may be related to the use of Our medications. As part of providing us with this information, we may also contact you if we need more information about your report, or provide feedback if requested. Therefore, if you do not provide us with your personal data, we may not be able to track the adverse event you reported or provide you with feedback.

In some cases, We may use the information you provide to help protect Our rights (legitimate interests) related to Our medicines if we need to defend them in a court case.


We may not keep your data forever. So AstraZeneca stores your personal data as permitted by local laws and also in accordance with Our data retention rules, which we describe here: will only retain your data for as long as is necessary for us to comply with Our legal obligations or to defend Our legal claims. When your personal data is no longer necessary for these purposes, it will be securely deleted. This may mean that your personal data is stored by AstraZeneca for several years, depending on the purpose and need for such data to be used by Us.


For the reasons we have explained in this Notice, your personal data may be shared with local and / or foreign regulatory bodies and other AstraZeneca group companies. We may also share your personal data with certain people, such as consultants, to check if we are complying with our obligations; or with authorities, lawyers or other people with whom we need to share your data in order to comply with legal requirements or in the event of a (judicial) claim; or with the AstraZeneca buyer if We sell or establish a partnership for all or part of Our business.

However, when your data is stored by AstraZeneca, the personal data that identifies you as a patient will only be visible to the AstraZeneca patient safety team located in the country where you live and a small number of technical professionals who provide support. global in the computer system where AstraZeneca maintains the personal data. AstraZeneca will remove any patient identifiers (for example, your name or address) before using or sharing the data beyond the local security team or system administrators, that is, we may still share some of your data, but the other person you would not know that this data is related to you. Information that is important to the medical evaluation of the report, such as age and gender, may be disclosed to government or state agencies in order to comply with Our legal obligations.


The AstraZeneca entities and other people with whom we may share your data may be based anywhere in the world, which could include countries that may not offer the same legal protections for personal data as in your country. AstraZeneca will follow local data protection requirements and its internal global privacy standard when we transfer your data. AstraZeneca will also apply the necessary protections required by the laws of your country when transferring the data. When we transfer your data to another country, we would only share your personal data if the other person needs the data to do their job and under the controls described in the binding AstraZeneca Corporate Rules (which you can find here) or EU Standard Contractual Clauses) . You may be entitled to receive a copy of the binding AstraZeneca Corporate Rules and / or AstraZeneca Standard Contractual Clauses, upon request, by contacting AstraZeneca at .


We keep information about you on a computer. There are strict controls on who can see your data. We also have good privacy and security standards to ensure, to the extent possible, the security and integrity of all Our information, including your personal data.

More information on how AstraZeneca complies with its data privacy obligations can be found in our internal global privacy standard.


You and / or your parent / legal guardian can contact AstraZeneca here: at any time to request

access to your personal data, correct any errors or request the deletion of those errors, to request that we restrict the use of your data to object to certain uses of your personal data.
If such a request requires AstraZeneca or its affiliates to break their obligations under laws, regulations or codes of practice, then AstraZeneca may not be able to fulfill your request, but you may still request that we restrict the use of your personal data. for later use.

A person from AstraZeneca is called a Data Protection Officer and that person is responsible for overseeing AstraZeneca's data protection obligations, and who you can contact at in case of any questions regarding the use of your personal data . If AstraZeneca's use of your personal data is covered by EU law (for example, if you live in one of the European Union countries), you may also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Protection Authority Data of the country in which you reside. You can find the name and relevant contact details of the Supervisory Authority here:

Last update March 2020

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